FxHash 1.0 First Few Days

The Tezos based generative art site FxHash evolved out of its beta phase officially on the 16th of April 2022.

Here are some of the most beautiful and sought after works that have been created since the upgrade.

(kinder)Garden, Monuments by Yazid x Zancan

“(kinder)Garden, Monuments #23” by Yazid x Zancan

This nostalgic project by Yazid & Zancan “celebrates the humble and versatile cube. A deceptively simple yet powerful object of play and learning, regardless of age, whether you’re stacking them up in a sandbox, or learning 3D graphics for the first time.” A truly magical work that embraces childhood creativity in a pure form.

Euphonic by Liam Egan

“Euphonic” by Liam Egan

Euphonic has so much variety in canvas size and color with some fancy bonus modifiers sprinkled in. This work explores the “Moiré effect.” The simple premise of placing lines on top one another creates a beautiful distortion effect. With 1,500 mints there are plenty of surprises in this series. Liam Egan really outdid himself with this masterpiece.

Sprocket Factory by Ryan Bell

“Sprocket Factory #388” by iRyanBell

As described by Ryan Bell, Sprocket Factory is “Just an ordinary scene from a typical day, working as a Sprocket Factory engineer.” So much variety in the editions when it comes to colors and contents. Sprocket Factory just looks like a classic.

Mediterranean by Kira0

“Mediterranean #5” by Kira0

This is an unbelievable p5js creation by Kira0. Stunning landscapes scenes that fill your heart and brain with joy and the feeling like you’ve almost been here before. This work renders live in front of the viewer and it’s incredible seeing all the detail that develops to create this masterpiece.

Atoms’ Gaze by KRANKARTA

“Atoms’ Gaze #159” by KRANKARTA

Atoms’ Gaze is a bold work by KRANKARTA using a limited color pallet and creating a fierce minimalist landscape of ominous structures. Great use of the negative space and creating depth within the work.

Pang by Abstractment x FxTender

“pang #397” by abstractment x FxTender

Pang is a collaboration between FxTender and Abstractment. Abstract lines run and scream across the canvas creating a colorful mess that quickly builds into organized chaos. It is fantastic to see a well made collaboration between an artist and an information platform succeed on the primary and secondary markets!

no.circles by Mark Knol

“no.circles #166” by Mark Knol

No circles is the latest work by Smolskulls creator Mark Knol. It features lines working in unison, overlapping each other to create round shapes without drawing any circles. It’s hard to believe these weren’t drawn on paper.

Balanced by JeffW

“Balanced #169” by JeffW

Balanced raises and answers the question “What does balance look like when viewed through the lens of pure mathematics?” A very minimalist and pleasant work with simple colors that you can’t get tired of. This work is the genesis piece of JeffW and we can’t wait to see what comes next!

Hollow by Mrkswcz

“hollow #182” by Mrkswcz

Hollow is absolutely breathtaking. As written in the projects description “”hollow” is an exploration of 256 voids in nonexistent natural monuments. Made of digital matter instead of stone and lacking cultural charge, its sole purpose is to contemplate the tininess of humankind.” The lighting and environment created is inspiring and this Basque sculptor Eduardo Chillida inspired work is a generative work to not be forgotten.

Requiem: Cloud by Jinyao Lin

“Requiem: Cloud #196” by Jinyao Lin

Requiem: Cloud is the latest work by Jinyao Lin created with p5js. You get to watch bright and eccentric colorful lines spin to life leaving a psychadelic trail behind them. There are over 100 different colorsets as well as other features. This artwork looks like it came straight out of an art museum and onto the Tezos blockchain.

simple things by Msoriaro

“simple things #402” by msoriaro

Simple things is just that, a bunch of simple things. Msoriaro created this work to celebrate FxHash 1.0 and to celebrate the simple things in life like watching a sunset with a loved one. Tons of color and love can be found in the 447 editions that exist. A very soothing work from the generative art legend.

chaos memory by ileivoivm

“chaos memory #200” by ileivoivm

Chaos Memory is dark, brutal, and jarring. The second work by Ileivoivm following “Chaos Research”. The artworks generated feel like alien bacteria growing and evolving across a cold metal laboratory wall. Despite the gloomy atmosphere this work sets there is tons of colors across the 300 existing editions.

Negative Space by Landlines Art

“Negative Space #366” by Landlines Art

Landlines Art has returned to FxHash with the work “Negative Space” which utilizes simple and bold color palettes so the viewer focuses on the negative space left behind. The bright and bold colors are enthusiastic and despite it being a still work you can almost feel the shapes and lines moving in unison in this fantastic work.

Enlightened Journey by Tezumie

“Enlightened Journey #78” by Tezumie

This beautiful scenic work is the latest by Tezumie inspired by the works of Zancan, TenebrisVia, and Linda Rous. A staircase ascends (or descends) in a field of grass and flowers created by code. This work is very elegant and many vibrant colors hide amongst the pale green grass.

Saburtalo by Ferluht

“Saburtalo #48” by Ferluht

Saburtalo is “A generative cityscape inspired by Saburtalo district of Tbilisi” created by Russian artist Ferluht. The strong, sturdy, concrete buildings created with JavaScript create a somber environment as they take over the natural landscape. Some brush and hills can be found in the editions but more than likely they are hidden behind the fierce manmade structures.

Entanglement by Jeres

“entanglement #11” by jeres

Entanglement focuses on intertwining lines across a dreamy gradient background. The lines are crisp and I almost feel as though the wires are in front of me asking for me to free them. Such a clean and majestic work from Jeres whose style is beautiful and distinct.

The Way I See It by Volatile Moods

“The Way I See It #118” by Volatile Moods

The Way I See It is “Abstract artwork that explores imperfect organic-looking shapes and odd forms.” Volatile Moods has created many colorful generative works before, but this is their first dive into the black and white monochrome world. The strange geometry and texture of the piece makes me forget a computer made it.

Refractions by DistCollective

“Refractions #1” by DistCollective

As written by DistCollective “Refractions is a study of frequencies, harmonies and abstract representations of natural phenomena.” Grainy pixels flow, rise, and fall across the canvas to create astounding abstract digital landscapes. The blending of three colors create a magical texture that feels real.

So many amazing collections it’s hard to keep up! The first few days of FxHash 1.0 have been phenomenal and we are all very excited to see what new awe inducing artworks get generated next.

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