The FxHash 1.0 Release

Announcement poster for FxHash 1.0.

FxHash is an uncurated generative art platform on the Tezos blockchain that has seen extreme success since its beta phase. Many talented artists and enthusiastic collectors have made FxHash their home and the community and future of FxHash looks bright.

“garden, monoliths #236” by Zancan

Ciphrd and his team have been hard at work for a long time preparing for the official release. The Big Burn event happened on April 1st making it impossible to mint new art generators to the site. Since no new projects were being put on FxHash,all sales have been on the secondary market ever since. The dedicated FxHash community is very excited to see what new improvements and upgrades come with the release. There has already been teasing of a new “FxCollab” collection that sees artists teaming up to make some generative magic happen.

Announcement of Yazid x Zancan

This is a new premise called “FxCollab” and according to a recent tweet Yazid and Zancan will be working together on the first release. The Zancan and Yazid collab will most likely be run through some sort of auction system. It will be amazing to see which artists are teaming up and what sort of creative and awe inspiring works they will bring to the site. Even without the FxCollab works there will be many new works flooding in when the gates open so be prepared!

“outside your window #96” by Yazid

FxHash website before 1.0 open.

Today, FxHash has went down for maintenance preparing for the opening. Ciphrd wrote on the FxHash discord server: “You won’t be able to use the UI for regular operations until tomorrow 1200 UTC.” Now we all wait for the countdown to end and soon the next chapter of FxHash will be revealed.

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