FxHash At Art Basel Hong Kong 2022

Currently Art Basel Hong Kong 2022 is underway and there are over 20 Tezos artists who were invited to showcase their works at the event. These artists come from all over the globe and truly showcases the global nature of the CleanNFT art scene. Some artists featured include Nicolas Sassoon, Bjorn Calleja, Yazid, and Jinyao Lin amongst many others.

The main center of attraction is the live and interactive generative art section of the showcase, featuring a live FxHash minting experience with artworks exclusive to the event. Eight talented FxHash artists were chosen to create 1,000+ editions of a generative work for the art enjoyers of Art Basel. Some of these generative works have more than the required 1,000 editions and will be given out later or burned.

Here are those works.

“Mythologic #6” by Jinyao Lin

Derived from Jinyao’s cloud series, “Mythologic” aims “to present an illustrated handbook with random generated paintings, each one is like a framed badge, to memorize the glorious age.” Ancient dragons hold wise tales.

“Chaos Culture #16” by ileivoivm

“Chaos Culture” is the final addition to the Chaos series by Ileivoivm. Its crystal clear marble texture is crisp, powerful, and stunning. Unbelievable that this was created with just code.

“Microgravity #3” by iRyanBell

Ryan Bell describes “Microgravity” in the works description as “Scale symmetry of abstract semiliquid forms.” This fun and colorful work is much more than might initially meet the eye. In this interactive work you can click to further zoom deeper into this digital psychadelic realm. The infinite fractal zooming creates a great feeling of exploration and curiosity.

“Herbarium #17” by Aleksandra

“Herbarium” tributes the “elaborate illustrations of botany and zoology” by creating generative flowers in the style of these scientific illustrations. Aleksandras math background wanted to create “natural” looking items using numbers and code and we think the mission was accomplished .

“Gestalt #4” by Yazid

“Gestalt” is the latest work by Yazid which has the style of a generative and geometric splatter painting. Lines and shapes of various colors spread across the landscape canvas. Is it all random? Perhaps all the pieces are more in tune than we think. Yazid writes in the description “As random as things seem, collectively time tends to reveal hints of order in the chaos. Sometimes, more is more.” A clue, or a red herring?

“el inefable momento #25” by msoriaro

Msoriaro has been one of the most popular FxHash artists and his Art Basel work is absolutely fantastic. The full title of the piece is “el inefable momento del colorido descubrimiento” which translates to “the ineffable moment of the colorful discovery” and is a tribute to playful discovery. The idea was inspired by his youngest daughter who he saw drawing freely. He came to the conclusion that Child play is one of the most discovery-filled activities he could think of. Perfect imperfections is what makes beautiful art.

“Eyeshadow Roses #22” by Sarah Ridgley

“Eyeshadow Roses” is the FxHash genesis work of Sarah Ridgley and features “Painterly roses randomly overprinted with heavy streaks of ink.” This work attempts to mimic the artistic faults of graffiti or printmaking. Sarah puts it best when she says “The sequence of choices are interpreted by the computer according to the algorithm. The beauty of these choices are determined by the viewer.”

“Heat Death #21” by Lunarean

“It aims to produce variation and detail from minimal logic.” “Heat Death” is the latest work from Lunarean and was created using p5.js and just around 180 lines of code. Lunarean even left the code unminified for anyone to go through and learn more. Suns and hot gas giants are finally dissolving in the empty void of space. Truly a wonder of a work that looks so crisp and straight out of a hollywood blockbuster.

It is amazing to see how far the world of generative web3 art and FxHash has come now being seen at one of the most notable art events in the world. The works submitted are all stunning and it will be exciting to see how they age over time. The future is looking creative and filled with code.

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