Community Event: #Fear4tez

“Blood Bath” by redklepon


#Fear4Tez is the latest CleanNFT community event hosted on the Tezos blockchain. This event calls back to a previous horror themed community art event called #fear4hen. Fear4Tez takes place on Friday The 13th with a few people minting their works a day or two previously. While there are no official rules, participants are encouraged to release a work of 13 or 33 editions for a price point of .13 or 1.3 Tezos.

There have been some amazing submissions so far and here are a few of our favorites that we found while rummaging around.

“Mariaban” by Owamonkey
“trapped in illusion.” by yepstt
“fear is just the beginning” by elbi
“blood runs in the valley when we burn all her trees down” by woolgan.tezĀ 
“FEARAEF” by ZafGod
“Love Bites” by sundog
“36. Congress” by Sabato
“gator” by Domitori
“Man Who Vomit Generative Bile” by The Isolationist

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