Community Event: #tezos4tezos

A Twitter poster about the #tezos4tezos event.


#tezos4tezos is the latest CleanNFT community event for the artists and collectors of the Tezos blockchain. This event is not run by anyone and everyone can be a part of it! There is no fancy way to enter, simply mint one of your works at 100 editions and price it between 0.1 and 1 Tez.

There have been so many amazing contributions to the event and there is still plenty of time to create and collect! It might seem hard to keep up with all the artworks being submitted in this event but there are great third party tools that help you find #tezos4tezos pieces. You can use any of the main sites including Teia, OBJKT, Versum, or 8Bidou to mint or collect your #tezos4tezos artwork.

A great site to browse #tezos4tezos artworks is which compiles all the CleanNFTs using the #tezos4tezos tag on their works. You could also search through the twitter #tezos4tezos and sort by “Top” or “Latest” to find some pieces.

Here have been some of our favorite mints of the event so far.

tezos4tezos – 20220506” by Poppel
“T.4.T. Share Module” by Guandanarian
“Feedback Realms” by Elbi
The final touch” by themyth
$afety” by 1mpo$ter
False Emptiness” by Anya Asano
“Dragon Scale Sun” by Gogolitus
✨🪱🐛✌(II)🌈☁” by jmh_wwyg
Connections” by Kato
Bvvd” by T4ANG0F0X
Optical Flow” by UnknownNFT
“tez4tez – chippys_artskool” by Chippy
░dHdlZXQ░” by niftimonkey2

It has been wonderful watching fresh faces and veterans alike creating amazing and affordable artworks for this event. It has been a while since the last Tezos CleanNFT art event and we hope this inspires more community run events like this to exist in the future.

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