EvilNFT Interview

“Caterpillars #86” by evil

Who are you?

I am a game artist by trade, but I have always been interested in learning.

How did you hear about Tezos/FxHash?

I heard about tezos from some friends like Zaaa and Bad Habits in the first place. I have known about nfts on ether, but I was thinking that it is not everyone’s cup of tea due to the Gas costs, but when fellow artists pointed me towards tezos I started to get more involved. I have found out about fxhash in its very early days via twitter. fxhash was very interesting for me in its early days because you were able to mint a unique nft for 0.1 tezos 🙂

When did you start making generative art?

I started trying on January 2022, with the Genuary event. I have done different events like inktober in the past, and have known that these kind of events are a lot of fun and the best opportunity to learn some new skills (at least start learning).

“Bad Habits #14” by evil x bad habits

Why did you choose the name “evil”?

To be honest, the bigger part of the reason that I have gotten into nft is that I thought I can generate some extra money that I can use for donations or help people in some way, but to choose a name like “good nft ” or “charity nft” would have been too obvious and very very boring, so I went with the opposite.

What fascinates you most about generative art?

The thing that amazes me the most about genart is I think, the element of surprise. I have studied fine arts and I can draw and paint etc. at some level, it is much harder to get a result that will surprise you with traditional mediums, but with genart you write some code and expect it to put out a certain output but sometimes it is something totally unexpected and it inspires you to follow that direction. Some great genartists are calling this “the emergence” as far as I know. I have only witnessed something similar in ceramics and glass amongst more traditional mediums.

“Caterpillars #42” by evil

Your Genesis piece was “Caterpillars”. Tell us more about the creation of this work.

Caterpillars was an idea that came to me at the end of Genuary, I believe for the theme “Negative Space” The earlier versions of Caterpillars are much simpler and employ negative space much more and in a different way but I have always felt like the idea behind it was an OK idea and after I got a little bit better in coding I decided to revisit it.

What was something important you learned while making “Caterpillars”?

I have to tell you that I thought that my work was not going to be noticed because there are so many projects that amaze me on fxhash but I still wanted to publish it, mainly for myself so that I can say “at least I tried” and I find it important that you should finish what you started. I learned that doubting your work and yourself is normal but not always the worse you expect is going to happen. Sometimes you can surprise yourself.

“Caterpillars #114” by evil (rarest)

Your most recent mint “Chop Chop” aimed to be complementary with “Caterpillars”. What inspired this work?

Chop Chop in it is earlier version was also much simpler, and in fact I arrived at Caterpillars by mashing up the earlier versions of these two separate ideas together, so it was only natural that Chop Chop is a complementary collection. The core algo creating the visuals behind both works is more or less the same 🙂

How did you know when “Chop Chop” was ready for release?

I think Chop Chop is still not ready for release 🙂 But I was anxious to thank the people who bought and traded Caterpillars because they made something I could not even dream of possible : I was able to donate much more than I expected, and also, with genart I feel like you can always improve, change and polish more and more, there is no end; so I thought let’s leave it at this and publish it. I feel like there is no one that can tell you that your work is done or not, so I just go with my gut. If it woks, good. If not, you try harder the next time…

“Chop Chop #19” by evil

Why do you make generative art?

I do genart because it is one of the few exciting genres of art for me. I came to hate the traditional art scene, the galleries and the exhibitions etc. and this has made me not very enthusiastic about producing work in the more traditional mediums but genart is very different in every sense and also I think it is the next big thing 🙂

Is there anyone you’d like to shoutout?

Of course, definitely Ciphrd and the fxhash team for making all of this possible and helping putting genart on the map, all the legendary genartists that are on fxhash and the ones that are not, and lastly Bad_Habits because I started learning to code for our collab project, so in a way she made this possible for me.

“Chop Chop #50” by evil

Anything else?

I want to thank you so much because this made me so happy 🙂

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