FxHash at Art Basel Basel 2022

The latest Art Basel event is currently underway in Basel, Switzerland and is showcasing artists and artworks from all over the globe. Once again many creatives from the Tezos ecosystem were invited to showcase their work at the event. Just as in Art Basel Hong Kong (The previous Art Basel event) there is a special FxHash minting area featuring exclusively available generative artworks by some of the greatest and most loved names on the site.

By searching for the tag “ABB2022” on the FxHash website you can see what works are being showcased. You can’t mint any of them though unless you are physically at the event! Here they are:

Dreamcatcher Forest by iRyanBell

“Dreamcatcher Forest #14” by iRyanBell

Bored Computer Screen by Sam Tsao

Bored Computer Screen #49 by Sam Tsao

Balancium by Aleksandra

“Balancium #14” by Aleksandra

Lucky Oracles by Eko333

“Lucky Oracles #2” by Eko33

There are plenty of other Tezos artists whose work is featured at the event but there are only four exclusive live minting experiences. The Tezos art exhibit was even put in the “The Best Of Art Basel 2022” article by Forbes. The mainstream art world is taking the beautiful art of Tezos more and more seriously every day as more artists and collectors enter the ecosphere. Physical exhibits featuring Tezos art are popping up more and more around the globe and we are very excited to see what the future has in store.

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