#1of1 July Tezos Event

The #1of1 official twitter header

The latest community created Tezos event is now here! The goal of the #1of1event is to get artists to and collectors to focus on 1 of 1 original artworks. 1of1 artworks are exceptionally unique and there are many collectors who primarily focus on collecting single edition artworks above any other kind.

“The Fire Inside” by LostMyWayStudio

The 1st week of July is when artists are encouraged to mint their creations using the hashtag #1of1. The editions should be set to “1” but there are no other guidelines for what you can mint! You can mint on any Tezos platform but be sure to use the hashtag “#1of1” when you mint! We will be watching and collecting artists new and old throughout this event and I’m sure there will be many others doing the same.

The event is to last the whole of July and has promise to be one of the best CleanNFT Tezos events yet! You can keep tabs on the artworks of this event on the NFTBiker official event page.

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