8Bidou Interview

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Who are you?

I’m a fan of Tezos.

What sort of projects have you worked on before 8bidou?

I spent $4,000 in Plenty and lost money.

“ET_009” by Trisant333

What gave you the idea for 8Bidou?

Hic et Nunc.

What does 8Bidou mean?


八 — Eight

火 — Flame

堂 — hall (There is no English language that fits perfectly.)

“Helio World XS” by Ismahelios

Do you make pixel art?

No, I don’t.

What was the first moment you realized 8bidou could be a successful platform?

When the number of works reached about 300, I thought it was successful enough.

“Alleles 007” by Studio Yorktown

Tell us about the different types of items you can mint on the site.

Current 8bidou has 3 types. 8×8 fullcolor, 24×24 monochrome, 24×24 fullcolor.

What do you think we will see on 8bidou in the future?


“H4shed C1ti3s #12” by Yazid

What is the difference between a good and great piece of pixel art?

I think it is particularly excellent for something that is not considered within the limitations.

What are some notable 8bidou works people should check out?

“Mushroom” by Spacefish. I was impressed by the fact that the mushrooms were drawn in a rather photo-realistic shape, although many people would have done a general deformation within the 8×8 limit.

“Mushroom” by Spacefish

Is there anyone you want to shoutout?

Please see daily tweets. I occasionally introduce them.

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