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ClubNFT – Backup Tool

ClubNFT was founded by Jason Bailey (Artnome) and Chris King with the goal of creating a website housing tools and resources that solve important problems relating to NFT collecting and collections. The first mission of ClubNFT was to build a tool that would protect collectors from losing their precious NFT collection. This mission meant a lot to Artnome because as stated in the FAQ after some NFT marketplaces went “belly-up” a number of Jason’s NFTs were lost forever. Several of these were even in the seven figure range!

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Currently the ClubNFT backup tool is the only available on their platform but it is a very essential one! The backup tool works for both Tezos and Ethereum NFTs and evaluates your collection based off how secure it is. It only takes a few minutes to begin the backup process and can take a couple of days to fully backup your collection depending on the size of it. Once it is backed up, download the zip file and your art is backed up!

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Luckily for us collectors and artists using Tezos, a large majority of marketplaces utilize IPFS which makes our NFTs in much more secure hands as they aren’t on private servers. The 8x8px marketplace 8Bidou actually saves your NFTs on the Tezos blockchain which is considered the safest choice in securing your NFTs.

If you want to learn more about why… “more than half of your NFT collection will likely break in the next five years” you should check out the Right Click Save article about the subject. Once again, it is less of a concern for us Tezos collectors thanks to IPFS.

Additionally there are ClubNFT SAFE courses which are brief educational videos discussing topics such as crypto wallets, nfts, and scams. Their videos are worth checking out and provide great insights to those who might not know much about cryptocurrencies or nfts.

ClubNFT is continuing to grow and is working closely with the Ethereum and Tezos art communities. It will be very exciting to see them release more tools and resources to help supply this space with even more digital love.

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