FxHash 1,000,000 GENTKs

“BLEND #189” by Nick Dima (GENTK #1000000)

On July 17th Tezos generative art platform FxHash reached 1,000,000 GENTKs on its platform. A GENTK is the unique ID paired with each minted NFT. The GENTK number raises with every new mint which started at #0 so having 1,000,000 GENTKs means that there have been just over 1,000,000 primary market purchases so far on the platform.

The token that has been graced with being GENTK 1,000,000 is “BLEND #189” by Nick Dima and currently owned by the collector Brendon. The BLEND project was published back in April and is only about halfway minted out as of now. It’s a minimal generative artwork created in an 8x8px canvas. The work was released under a dutch auction format and is now sitting at 0.1 Tez minting price while they are still available on the primary market.

“interference x resonance #38” by infinite (GENTK #999999)

We also wish to give an honorable mention to “interference x resonance #38” by infinite for being GENTK 999,999. Additionally, since the first GENTK was #0 technically this work is the 1,000,000th minted GENTK but not GENTK#1000000.

FxHash is still a very new platform in the scheme of things, not even being a year old yet it is amazing what this platform and community has accomplished already. With many exciting future prospects including the wonderful Tender Pass and potentially an FxHash token there is lots to be excited for as the future comes closer. How much longer until GENTK 2,000,000?

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