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The lovely folks over at the curatorial NFT studio & platform VerticalCrypto have put together a wonderful three day event over in London powered by Tezos! The 3 day NFT festival takes place at Fabric London and goes from July 6th- July 8th featuring art, music, and fashion.

A work by Marcelo Soria-Rodriguez for the Proof Of People event

There are so many known faces in the Tezos art scene attending, performing, creating, and speaking at the event. 60+ Tezos artists works are being featured at the event and include names such as Lisa Orth, Rudxane, Sutu, Studio Yorktown, and Anna Lucia amongst many others. There are also plenty of notable speakers including artists, collectors, and creators that will be sharing valuable insights including Ciphrd, Zancan, Marcelo Sorario, Mario Klingemann, Lonliboy, and Kevin Abosch. For a full list of speakers and artists as well as the program/speaker schedule you can check out the official Proof Of People website.

A photo from todays ongoing event by Proofofpeople

Of course there is also an interactive FxHash live minting experience similar to ones we have seen at recent Art Basel events. Currently there are 7 works that can be minted in person at the event from artists including Sableraph, Wblut, Murat Atimtay, Lisa Orth, Studio Yorktown, Matthew Hawtin, Rudxane, Fraguada, and Elizabeth Bigger.

“Ersbla #32” by Studio Yorktown
“Smooth-brained #12” by Murat Atimtay & Matthew Hawtin
“Grid Studies #26” by Rudxane
“A Burroughs Quote #14” by Lisa Orth
“Polar Grid #21” by Sableraph
“SWTBD – London Prototype #14” by wblut
Gen22: Personalized Generative Fashion #17 by Elizabeth Bigger & Fraguada

Once again, these mints are exclusive to the event and the only way to obtain any of these NFTs is to attend the Proof Of People event in London. Events like this continue to excite and inspire and it is always fascinating to watch the Tezos space and generative art space grow.

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