The #tezos4nature event

The #Tezos4Nature event is a call to attention of enviornmental issues. Many blockchains are seen as enviornmentally unfriendly and this is usually do to PoW (Proof Of Work) methods. Tezos is a CleanNFT blockchain and is one of the most enviornmentally friendly blockchains and this is why we at GatherArt have chose it is our main choice for collecting artworks. Tezos4Nature wants to further spread awareness of the eco friendly Tezos ecoystem so the event was born! The event started on July 28th and lasts to August 4th.

Helpful guide post by Tezos4Nature

The rules for this event are simple. You can mint on any Tezos platform and the artworks must be related to nature and its conservation. It is requested that you make no more than a maximum of 28 editions per submission. You can price them however you wish but a floor price of 2 $XTZ is recommended. Don’t forget to use the Tezos4Nature hashtag when minting and showcasing your works on social media!

There has been a continuous stream of fantastic Tezos art world events and amazing new artworks that we have seen from these community organized events. Loving and sharing is truly caring! Here are a few of our favorite mints from the event so far.

“Easter Black Swallowtail” by Leslie Christine
“Rainbow Forest” by ThePaperCrane
“sometimes I wish we were an eagle” by LastLeafAutumn
“Naturaleza Digital” by adolfochs.tez
“COSMOVISION” by Quilla Nina
“ERAsing” by Morbeck
“Maz & Mek in Swamp” by Maz and Mek
“Shark Week” by Joerogansdad
“make it green” by Olga Getz
“Nap Time” by Bujubuneng

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