The Tender Pass

The header of the official TENDER Pass information page.

The generative art curation group Tender has made lots of noise in the generative art scene and FxHash community over the past few months. Created by Ajberni the platform has seen great success with many using their “Icons” and “Mintables” to learn about new works and artists. Tender has also launched many beautiful and successful collaborative mints with some wonderful FxHash artists through “Tender x”.

“TENDER Pass #12” by TENDER x Punevyr

On July 6th at 15:00UTC Tender is releasing a collaboration work with punevyr that acts as a lifetime pass featuring loads of holder benefits. Buying the pass directly supports TENDER and their current and future operations. There are 1,000 editions and they will be sold for 250XTZ each. Unlike a majority of works on FxHash these lifetime passes grant utility and purpose that any dedicated collector would love to have.

There are even a few special benefit passes that you have a random chance of obtaining during the mint. These special passes give “amplified” benefits that would make any generative art lover very very happy. This includes the Tender grail pass which includes “2 Free mints on all TENDER x Collabs projects” and the Tender Bonus pass which includes “1 Guaranteed mint on all TENDER x Collab projects”.

A possible example of a special Tender Pass

Tender has released some amazing collaborations with artists like abstractment and Laurent Houdard. Tender pass holders will get a chance for all future collaboration reserve drops.

“pang #47” by abstractment x Tender

On the Tender site there is currently a list of artists in which collaborations are already in progress. The talent they’ve collected is absolutely absurd and includes the following generative artists.

Discounted prints

One of the most unique benefits pass holders gain is a 20% off of all artist approved fine art prints through the Tender printing service. Tender Prints use “legendary Hahnemühle fine art papers, top-tier archival pigments, and innovative + highly controlled processes to produce immaculate prints worth framing and cherishing for years to come.”

“Fragments Of A Wave” by iRyanBell closeup Tender Print

According to Tender this means you are getting the print at their cost and they have no profit margin on prints for Tender Pass holders.

What else do you get?

Other known features of the pass include access to a curated drop calendar which is very useful in staying in touch with the latest drops. Access to an exclusive TenderArt gallery creation tool. Access to a streamlined discord server exclusive to pass holders only. You will also get a weekly insights memo about the art and marketplace.

“TENDER Pass #48” by Tender x Punevyr

It is going to be very exciting to see how this drop turns out and what the future holds for TenderArt and FxHash. To learn even more about the pass you can check out the detailed Tender Pass explanation page over on the Tender website.

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