The #teztrash event

Trash art is a style of art loved by some and seemingly hated by many. Trash art is raw, real, exaggerated, aggressive, sexy, and most of all human. Trash art seems to not get as much love as other styles of art and this inspired “@Bloc_ChVng” to ask a simple question on Twitter. Then user @_theperfesser suggested maybe it’s time for a #teztrash event to celebrate #trashart. The thread continued to snowball and this is what spawned the event. Thanks to the power of the Tezos community some absolutely spectacular works have come out of it!

The twitter thread that spawned the event

There are no real rules for this event. You can mint any amount of editions and set the price to whatever you want. Just make sure your art is trashy!

Here are some of our favorite mints from the event so far.

“Flowers for Bears” by RenAIssance
“w95 toter” by Elbi
“Space Pixel Trash” by Natived
“f33d1n9 71m3” by vamk
“42. Trash Apotheosis” by Sabato
“Magic SPAM Ride” by The Perfesser
“hiddenface #40” by D.C.O.T
“packed” by Glitch Town Arcade
“Bitter End” by Mekazoo
“Trash Piety” by Stellabelle
“MY FIRST TOTER” by Max Capacity
“KleverTrash #01 #teztrash” by Klever

There are so many other works that were not featured here that can be found by searching up the hashtag #teztrash on Objkt or Twitter. This event has already succeeded in answering the original question posed by Bloc as Trashart has now made its way to the front page of OBJKT and there is even a category now specifically for Trash Art.

Happy trash collecting everyone!

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