What is 8scribo?

8Scribo is a new and unique niche Tezos nft marketplace that specializes in on chain haikus. Developed by Ratata (which is run by @_joesimon & @Oohgaga_) this platform wanted to bring a new age of creative on chain poetry to the Tezos sphere and it seems as though they have succeeded!

Screenshot of the 8Scribo homepage

Unlike fellow Tezos text platform typed.art all the CleanNFTs minted on 8Scribo are all saved directly to the Tezos blockchain. This is possible thanks to the limitations required with a haiku. The larger a file becomes the more expensive it is to host on the blockchain. Haikus are poems made of seventeen syllables, that consist of the pattern of three lines. Five syllables, seven syllables, and five syllables.

“5/7/5” by Mario Klingemann

There is nothing in place to confirm if the nft is truly a Haiku and the marketplace runs on the honor system. For the most part this has worked well and there have been plenty of creative and heartfelt Haikus minted on the site already.

“cycle” by Msoriaro

We love seeing these niche minimalist marketplaces popping up and it brings us back to the early days of Hicetnunc. It will be great to see development continue and more writing and word based NFTs becoming popular.

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