What is vendingnfts?

A screenshot from the vendingnfts.xyz website

Vendingnfts is an experimental dapp on the Tezos ecosystem and is the first ever digital vending machine for random CleanNFT distribution. This unique website allows users and collectors to purchase random artworks through the vendingnfts machine custom contract. The artworks inside the machine that can be purchased are donated from other artists and collectors. This fun blind box style of purchasing art can leave you with some great artworks from artists you may have not found out about otherwise.

The site was created by FlexaSaurus Rex also known as themetacollector.tez with additional help from Mighty Moss, Wrilben, and generative artist Landlines Art. Vendingnfts also has some lovely music by F3nd3l to enjoy while you enjoy your new art. The site has it’s own custom contract (the VEN contract) and can be updated and upgraded as the site progresses.

To support the project and to collect some new art we decided to test our luck and got works3 for 5 Tez. This is what we ended up with.

REBORN” by DarknessCreature
TAK-TAK – SHAKE IT” by Christina S.

We love the premise of this site and the artworks we collected. We wish a bright future for this project and we suggest donating works to their machine.

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