“Highlights Of A Hike” Sale

“Lushtemples — Highlights of the Hike” by Zancan

On August 15th the biggest CleanNFT sale so far in Tezos history went down. The work “Lushtemples — Highlights of the Hike” by Zancan is part of the Lushtemples series and was minted on December 2nd, 2021. This predates the release of his most famous project “Garden, Monoliths” which was really the moment Zancan became a Tezos legend.

The work was originally listed on the primary market for 1,200 Tezos and took a week before it found a collector. This 1/1 artwork was created with their own custom JavaScript code. Zancan is well known for this style of computer generated scenes of nature and it does stun some that it was generated with a computer. Whoever collected the work could also claim “a fine art print of the artwork of the size of his choice up to A0”. That collector ended up being none other than Pronoia who recently talked about this moment in a tweet.

The piece ended up in the hands of an anonymous collector with the wallet address “tz1aok62JVCEz1TBY4Bs9cZDkQrArgoRQrWy”. They have a handful of pieces and only made their wallet about three weeks ago.

This record breaking sale is exciting and further strengthens our faith in the market. Some even claiming that this purchase is a possible bargain considering the artist and work. The popularity of Zancan and Tezos art as a whole continues to grow and it is great to see long time collectors and artists benefitting from this natural growth. Plenty of other Zancan works and various Tezos grail 1/1s have been continuously selling since this purchase and the love for art seems to continue.

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