Spogelsemaskine Interview

“Litra-B” by spogelsesmaskinen

Who are you?

My name is Rune Brink Hansen, I was born 1979 and have a background as graphic designer and later as a VJ for music and festivals for 10+ years. The last 10 years I have been working freelance and hired as concept developer for cultural history museums and brand experiences along creating my own art installations, exhibited around Denmark.

What is the meaning behind your name?

Spøgelse means ghost in Danish, so its basically the ghost machine, it was just to obvious so I wrote it in Danish, and now its my name. But my real name is http://runebrink.dk

“The light of my bell” by spøgelsesmaskinen

When did you start making art?

Have been creative by hand and computer since a kid, but started making early internet art around 1996 that later evolve into print, projection and light installations.

Why do you make art?

I was always concept driven, and very often focused on solving a very specific problem with my artworks, until I started doing spøgelsesmaskinen, which is much more based on atmospheres and dreams.

“Intersections #2” by Spogelsemaskinen

What would you call your style?

Besides being a light and graphic design artist, spøgelsesmaskinen would probably qualify as pixel art or 3D art…

How did you first hear about Tezos?

March 2021 I started following my good friend @Flexmotion, he started retweeting stuff from Hic et nunc, and I was hooked.

“They never came” was one of the first works I saw of yours. How did this piece come to be?

I always wanted to create an art installation depiction a live size section of a city by night where it always just rains. So consider this an early sketch for a real installation 😉

“They never came” by Spøgelsesmaskinen

What is your creative process?

I have two different, one is flow based, the other one concept based. The flow one is when an idea just popup while working on another idea. Its like the idea reveals itself and these are always super fast to finish, and always with a great result. The other process is more concept based. I have a specific theme, atmosphere or idea I want to narrate, and its never as easy as I believed, sometimes they are even impossible to finish, other times like the “They never came” it turns out I was right.

Tell us about your objkt collection “Inheritance of perspective”.

The collection works with our physical surroundings and experiments with either how they influence us and our world perception, but also plays with the idea that we create reality trough the way we look at the world. “Inheritance of perspective” is a play with that thought. That we by living with and in old cities and buildings are forced an old world view. But learning about how our memories and perception influences what we “think” we see, we might also create more of the visual work than we might think.

“Time perspective” by Spøgelsesmaskinen

Out of your HEN creations do any stand out as your favorite or particularly memorable?

I must say “They never came” is the one most people often emphasises, but looking back I have to say I am insanely proud of all of them 🙂 The world the children made is probably one that describes my own childhood, and have close place in my heart.

“The World the Children Made” by Spøgelsesmaskinen

What is your goal when you make a piece of art?

To tell my story, idea or atmosphere in the most clear way I possible can.

What do you have planned for the future?

Stella Particular have just launched this amazing experience called the mirror where I have a custom made piece in for token holders of the experience, you can check it out until mid August on http://stellaparticula.com

Then I have another piece coming up – a top secret collab with a VERY dear artist of mine, this will be reveal as a special Here & Now experience in the coming week, stay tuned.

“They left again” by Spogelsemaskinen

Tell us more about your FxHash Genesis “Copenhagen Interpretation”.

As I don’t have any coding skills, I would never manage to do an FxHash project on my own, but having done several collabs with @galoandstuff before it was clear we should do a web GL project together, and so we did. The main idea is to supply every collector with a randomized set of custom made Spøgelsesmaskine classic objects on a 3D shelf.

“Copenhagen Interpretation #19” by Spøgelsesmaskine

What is afghanft?

Afghan NFT was a donation project I started with some friends in August last year. Its currently on hold as I want to pass it on to my Afghan friend, but he is not able to work on the project right now, due to the situation in Kabul. You can read more about how to support it on http://afghanft.art

Is there anyone you want to shoutout?

There’s way too many but I always encourage people to take a look at my collection 🙂 🙂 🙂

“Xeroxing my soul again” by Spøgelsesmaskinen

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