Spotlight: FxHash PFP projects

FxHash is known for generative art and while a majority of the platforms users mainly crave artistic masterpieces created entirely with code, some still just want to collect precious profile pictures (PFPs). There are many basic “collage” pfp projects which consist of overlaid premade images in a random way, many of which often get ignored. There are plenty of collectors who will collect these works as well, especially if they like the artist or the look of the project.

Thanks to the generative nature of FxHash there are also plenty of creative takes on the pfp formula strictly using code or blending code with premade images. We wanted to take a look at 11 of our favorite pfp projects on the site and showcase them in this article. There are many more than just 11 amazing projects but we wanted to curate a list of some of the best.


“SMOLSKULL #27” by Mark Knol

One of the oldest projects on the entire FxHash site. Originally just 1 Tez the smolskulls are easily the most popular generative pfp project on FxHash. Many proudly display their skulls as their avatar and the love in the skulls community is something truly special. Mark Knol did a fantastic job with this work and the rest of his smolskull universe works. This project has seen more than 165k Tezos in volume all time. We had the pleasure of interviewing them and learned more about how the project came to be.

2. fxApe

“fxApe #1381” by Littlesilver

The fxApe project by LittleSilver is the only other pfp project in the top 15 all time FxHash volume with over 80k Tezos in volume. We previously did an interview with them which you can find right here if you want to learn more. This project is not affiliated with BAYC and tributes some of the coolest generative artists on the site including Ciphrd, Yazid, Lisa Oarth, and more. Behind the scenes code was made possible thanks to Mark Knol and Nicthib.

3. Punevyr’s Face

“Punevyr’s face #30” by Punevyr

The first pfp project ever on FxHash and the 4th generative art project ever on the site. This work is truly iconic and I actually had the honor of writing an article about it for TenderArt which you can find here. This work is raw and visually explains why we love FxHash. There are no gatekeepers saying who can make what and forcing curated art down your throat that you hate. True art, true creativity, and true intellect can now be minted. Trash is treasure to some and treasure is trash to others. Punevyr’s face is a treausre.


“ASCII-SMOLSKULL #192” by Mark Knol

A follow up work by Mark Knol mimicking his Smolskull project with ASCII characters. This was created during a wave of loads of ASCII and DOS art (including the DOSPunk mania). It remains to be one of the most expensive and popular pfp projects on FxHash.


“Unicorn #50” by AgataPoison & lucky26

Unicorn was created by AgataPoison & Lucky26 and is one of FxHash’s craziest success stories so far. At a minting price of 0.5 Tez they managed to sell out of all 10,000 available unicorns and then get an additional 3,831 secondary sales giving them an all time volume of roughly 38,000 Tez. The floor is still 4x the original price but has fallen with the median secondary market buy price being 22 Tez according to FxHash. There are many speculations of why this project did so well and we wonder if the future will have anything in store for this project that went through a true mania.


“FUTURE BASTARDS #19” by Griza

Future Bastards by Griza is one of the most visually pleasing and detailed pfp projects on FxHash. “the year is 2308, the planet is no longer as we know it.” This project has over 100 different traits in 12 categories and the variety in the mints show a great deal of diversity.

7. pneumas

“pneumas” by jeres

Created by Jeres he was originally playing around with jellyfish and it turned into this pfp project. They talk about it in the interview we did with them a little while back. As he states: “I was playing with the algorithm for how the tentacles extended from the body of the jellyfish (which was about to become a head) when a random tweak to the magic numbers caused the tentacles to bend hard halfway through and I was immediately like, “Those are shoulders, this is a pfp collection now. Goodbye, jellyfish.”

8. NeuralFaces

“NeuralFaces #22” by Ferluht

A very unique minimalist work created with neural networks by Ferluht and one of the first works (if not the first) to utilize AI in an FxHash work. Not all the faces manage to pull off a round head, two eyes, a nose, and mouth. This is part of the beauty and magic of this work as we get to see raw AI thoughts of a simple face.

9. Colin

“Colin” by NOTWAL

Colin is a satirical pfp project in which all the Colin’s look the exact same. Conform. A clever take on a FxHash project. “Profile pictures that truly reflect our unique personalities. A chance to show how individual we are.” as the description states.

10. Fruity Boys

“Fruity Boys #42” by Jim The Bim

Jim The Bim has created his fair share of silly pfp projects but Fruity Boys is easily our favorite. Some people get very happy when they see the fruity businessmen. Others get very frightened and run away. We don’t know what is scary about these Fruity Boys and we love them.

11. AutomataPunk, The Masquerader

“AutomataPunk, The Masquerader #28” by VidaV

AutomataPunk, The Masqueraders is a blend of punk and automata made with JavaScript. VidaV is a talented programmer and this is one of the higher quality and is a a fantastic generative pfp project created with code.

11. Stoopid

“Stoopid #175” by Stoopid Avatar Project

The Stoopid avatar project was originally a collection on HEN that was exceptionally popular. They are minimal and Stoopid and that’s exactly what is to love about them. Great bold colors and tons of variety in this project.

Final thoughts

There are plenty of pfp projects that have been left out but these are some of our favorite and some of the most memorable ones we have seen on FxHash.

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