The Collab Room

The most recent Here And Now experience happened on August 11th titled “The Collab Room” was Produced and Directed by Michael Beets and curated by beloved Tezos artist Xer0x. The experience takes place on the HERE&NOW website inside of “The Spiral Gallery” and allows the viewer to enjoy the artworks in a gallery setting from the first person. When we walked through the gallery everything worked flawlessly. The haunting ambient with the minimalist and abstract architecture really push on your senses in a grand way while you browse the collection.

Screenshot from inside of the gallery.

As said earlier Xer0x curated the collection which consisted of an absolutely incredible selection of artists. Here are those artworks to stare at.

“HEAT CITIES #197” by @Nicolas_Sassoon x @Yazid
“The Monument” by @kris10roos x @kerimsafa
“Checkmate” by @spogelsemaskine x @cybermistic
“thoughts and t̶h̶o̶u̶g̶h̶t̶s̶” by @playnft x @cemhah (Interactive)
“SANCTUARY” by @dethretina x @0x3y3

“Portals” by @sutu_eats_flies x @al_oner_one (3D interactive scene)

“Forced Fate” by @ayenwhyay x @Z3r0_tez
“corrupted_saint_v420” by @haydiroket x @lxtxcx
“Sinners and Saints” by @__AD_AD__ x @davidcheifetz
“Triad” by @ALCrego_ x @5tr4n0 (Animated)

All these collaborative works are truly special and the event is one to be remembered. We highly suggest walking through the digital gallery yourself, it makes the art all the more special.

You can also check them out in “The Collab Room” objkt collection.

The actual gallery can be collected as well if you are interested in using the layout for your own 1/1 art exhibits using oncyber.

The two different versions of the Collab Room gallery.

We can’t wait to see more virtual exhibitions and beautiful Tezos artworks as more artists, collectors, and art enjoyers enter the community.

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