The Tezos Tuna Event

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The Tezos Tuna community event is currently LIVE! Created by the @TezTunas Twitter account, this unofficial event is where artists are encouraged to mint 500 editions of summer/water based artworks for 0.5 Tez. Presently, a majority of the most successful submissions so far have been photographs and photography work seems to be most encouraged.

Despite some emphasis on photography, any and all types of art are allowed to be submitted. The rules are loose and should be nothing to stress over. More important than rules is having true “splishy splashy” fun according to the Tez Tunas.

We selected some of our favorite mints so far. If you are trying to submit work for this event be sure to use the #TUNATIME hashtag.

“Depths” by Max Drekker
“Secret Power” by Silvia Maria
“pillars” by spoolio
“Dark Ocean Eyes” by bugdem yener
“Out to Sea” by Al Keddie
“Summertime in Galveston” by Tyler James
“One last dance” by LLISTO
“Flowing” by Juan Diaz
“M1 – THE TUNAMAN” by Matasatu and Matabolong
“Free” by Maria Nikiforova
“reefs.” by yepstt
“Going to Open Sea” by Neu Art

We have always been a big fan of community events like these and it seems this one is off to a great start. Loads of art being collected, new artists and collectors coming out of the shadows to get their #TUNATIME fix.

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