What is Fx(text)

FX(text) is a brand new web3 publishing platform that was recently announced by FxHash.

FX(text) announcement imagery

As described in the platforms announcement twitter thread “fx(text) is a platform for writing & publishing dynamic, rich media content. Each article comprises underlying building blocks that can contain anything from text paragraphs to embedded images, videos, audio, and seamlessly integrated fxhash generative tokens.”

Publishing an article on Fx(text) turns your work into an FA2 semi-fungible token that lives on the Tezos Blockchain. You as the publisher own the works you mint!

Possibly best of all is the ability to edit and alter the existing metadata of your articles. Keep your stories accurate and up to date!

Portion of the FX(text) announcement Twitter thread

As stated by FxHash in their twitter thread: “fx(text) is the tool we can all rely on to draft and publish our thoughts, processes, and insights about generative art (or anything else, for that matter) in a decentralized manner, preserving the provenance of our words with the immutability of the blockchain.”

We are very excited to see what this platform will look like and all the benefits that will be created! GatherArt has been creating informative articles about Tezos and the artists and artworks that inhabit it for almost a year now and we pledge to use this system to further increase public knowledge of this legendary generative art scene.

You can read the full Twitter thread here.

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