Bárbara Bezina Interview

“Vías” by Barbara Bezina

Who are you?

An infinite and eternal being incarnate in a human body. That said, making art is my way of experiencing this world.

When did you first get into photography?

More than 13 years ago and with the intention of making digital art. Back then I was taking photos just to manipulate and mix them with my paintings. The love for photography awoke much later and it is something that I’m very passionate about to this day.

“Vista desde el gallinero” by Barbara Bezina

What would you call your style?

I have many styles because I am constantly experimenting, in various disciplines and with different techniques. Learning, discovering, exploring and perfecting techniques, materials and tools is something constant for me and for my work.

“Aliviadora de dolores arraigados” by Barbara Bezina

What is your goal when you take a photo?

My goal is always to make art and this for me is something that comes from the depths of human existence. Both when I paint or when I take a photo it happens because of a kind of need to uncover what is inside me and at the same time to discover and explore the world in which I live, which is completely mysterious and magical.

I’m usually inspired and excited so I just grab the camera and start working, intuitively and spontaneously. It can happen that ideas appear in my head and when that is the case it seems that everything falls into place by itself, almost without realizing it the work is done.

“Momento” by Barbara Bezina

What is your camera setup and what do you do for post processing?

I have different configurations in the digital camera, which I use depending on the case, I also usually make homemade filters to make the camera capture the images as I see them. When it comes to digital photography I almost always modify the tones and colors and I can add textures and noise in Photoshop or with plugins. I also use analog 35mm, medium format and pinhole cameras and in these cases the films and papers play a very important role, as well as developing and scanning. In the darkroom there is always magic and that is something that digital does not have and it must be provided in other ways, especially when what we are looking for is to make artistic photography.

Tell us more about the beautiful “Apparitions” collection?

By chance, to receive a phone with the manual option to take photos and with a tool to make “animations”. Before I had the phone I was thinking about whether it was possible to make long exposure videos and I didn’t find an answer until I received the phone and started experimenting with it, and with this option to make “animations” I started making gifs with long exposure photos and they fascinated me. The “Apparitions” series arose because I began to take more and more of these photos with and I
wanted to select the ones I liked the most and make a collection as a way of organizing them. I take photos almost every day so these images become more complex and enriched and I really enjoy doing them.

What is a tip you’d want to share with photographers for getting the best blur effect?

Obviously a lens with a wide aperture. For the most daring, as is my case, removing the lens from the camera and taking photos with the lens separate will achieve very interesting blurs.

“Ventana púrpura” by Barbara Bezina

If you mean long exposures, it’s something else, since the important thing there is movement and “blur” is a consequence. Here my advice is: pure experimentation.

What adds value to your art?

The deep love, respect and commitment to art. I always give my best and more and I do it with the conscious intention of making works of art, which for me is from an intimate connection with life. And using the tools I have in the best way, aesthetically enriching the work and seeking the best quality, so that what the image wants to convey can be better appreciated.

Some may find your works creepy or scary. How do they generally make you feel?

I don’t really see them that way. Everyone sees what they see.

“Ank” by Barbara Bezina

How do you choose what colors to use in your photos?

I only know what color it will be at the moment I’m making it.

What do you have planned coming up?

I am not one to plan and in any case what is always “planned” is to make art every day.

“Soportal nocturno” by Barbara Bezina

Is there anyone you’d like to shoutout?

A shout out to Spinetta and Rembrandt if you can hear me from the other side.

Anything else?

Thank you very much for the interesting questions.

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