CryptoHamster interview

“Be Softer #4” by Cryptohamster

Who are you?

I’m CH, 31 yo.

When did you first become interested in art?

Oh, probably since childhood (if it can be considered art) – I really liked the cartoons Biker Mice from Mars, Street Sharks, etc.

When did you start making art?

If we are talking about IRL – then since childhood, I diligently drew my favorite characters in my album from memory, because at that time there was no Internet yet, and I could not get comics with them – I had to memorize the details of the characters after watching each series lol.

Adolescence – this is graffiti, but when I grew up – for some time the wind of everyday affairs blew away all my time for art.

For a while I worked as a designer in a marketing agency, but it was not as exciting as it is now πŸ™‚

If we are talking about blockchain art, then from winter/2020-spring/2021.

My early art (Soul) may seem a little “pressing”, but if you read the descriptions for each art, we will find a subtle thread of irony and humor that is extrapolated to us in certain situations. Those situations that we all absolutely faced, or will face πŸ™‚

“MAZE #12” by CryptoHamster

What inspires your art?

Dopamine. Serotonin. Self-perception at one time or another. People. Definitely people.

I clearly feel how my own self is revealed with each of my works, how a certain circle of people is formed, whose art reads like a mental statement (let me call it that), and I really like it all.

What got you interested in ai art?

Oooh hahah damn this is the best question!

RIOT! πŸ˜€

Before my dissolution into AI, I preferred hand drawing, only hand drawing, only with a stylus, using even a square shape in Ps jarred me (I couldn’t do anything about it lmao).

But being neat-curious – I just tried it.

Well, then everything is in a fog ..

I have a post about this question, I wrote it down in a moment of insight and acceptance, let me share it with you here.

Now – I seem to feel even better than usual, because I “unload” my imagination, my consciousness, sharing my thoughts and visuals with AI, this is very similar to a dialogue with a psychologist, after which we leave light and elated.

Of course, I cannot fail to note the obvious – the ability to CREATE as qualitatively as nothing else will allow me.

“RIDER IN PURGATORY” by CryptoHamster

Why do I think so? 

Because in the long process of working on art, our mood can change several times, which will inevitably affect the final result.

Let me compare to a house that is half quality bricks and half crumbling pieces of clay. 

At least that’s how I see it now.

Tell us about your “Pinkland” collection on objkt?

So, Pinkland is my first introduction to AI art, and my first serious attempt to break through my difficult perception of colors other than gradations of red and black. I did not associate myself with them, because what I did before – I did not like, and it did not correspond to my “I”.

Pinkland became the prototype of a metaverse that I populated (and will populate again, I think) with various characters who live by their own rules, a little surreal, but quite funny.

My favorite character is Ballhead Scarecrow!

Pinklanders, I love y’all! πŸ˜€

“Lion Hermit” by CryptoHamster

What is your creative process for making an AI artwork?

Hmm, I’ll try to describe as close to reality as possible ..

First, I catch moments in the course of the day in which I ask myself the question – do I want contact with AI?

If the answer is no, then I go about my business.

If the answer is yes, I take a laptop and try to visualize as clearly as possible once again in my head what comes with some flashes at a time when I am busy with completely different things, including sleep.

After that, I describe in words what I keep in my head, compose a composition, and then go through hundreds / thousands of iterations in search of this momentary response “Wow, this!”

I have a lot of vision, but still sometimes I need inspiration, I have general images in my head (I love crawling to Pinterest instead of YouTube, everything is there haha), but sometimes it’s just impossible to keep the details in memory.

What inspired the amazing “the maze” collection?

People who are in search of Truth and Honesty. 

At some point, I realized that everyone has their own personal “the maze”, the search for a way out of which we call in everyday life “our own way”.

Someone finds a way out, someone gets lost, I think that’s how it works.

“MAZE #70” by CryptoHamster

What is your goal with each work in the maze collection and how do you know that it’s ready to be minted?

Hmm, as I said above – I think the appropriate signal for me that the work was done is a visual response in the head.

Not so long ago, we discussed this point with one mutual friend, and there, in a dialogue, I shared my assumption that our eyes are prisms through which we perceive visual responses from the space around us, and the first seconds of object perception are what we need.

So – “Wow, this is it!” πŸ˜€

The goal is quite simple – I want every holder of Maze to know and remember that he will definitely go his way and find a way out of his mazes.

What are some of your favorite AI keywords to use in prompts?

I don’t think I can single out any special ones, because this text will remain “forever”, and my favorite keywords will change haha!

“FETUS” by CryptoHamster

What do you have coming up next in store?

I’m definitely drawn to several styles, while I’m looking for my own response πŸ˜€

Is there anyone you want to shout out?

MAIF! And all my friends, they will understand <3

Anything Else?

Finally, I would like to thank all my folks, everyone who supports in word and deed, sometimes you may not understand WHAT you are doing, but the WEIGHT of even one of your words can greatly change a person. I understand a lot.

Stay close to the AI, the future is already in our hands.

Thank you John, it was a pleasure to communicate with you in this format!

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