DanCtrl Interview

“Black holes” by DanCtrl

Who are you?

Hi! I’m Danilo Xhema I am 20 years old, I live in Italy in Rome. I am a digital artist but I started as a traditional artist being mainly a painter, I work a lot in this field. So we can say a well-rounded artist in the visual field. But making my painting is something totally different for now I do not connect them with the works I do digitally (nfts).

When did you start making art?

My artistic career began in earnest years ago on a pictorial level. In digital, the period is relatively short, two years since I started working on it seriously as a tool. My digital work has always had one thing in common: research. Research that is both graphic and stylistic but conceptually always focuses on a main point, a communicating factor: simplicity, the error from which an idea is born and which is realized in the same time. The immediacy of my pieces is overwhelming I think because that is, nothing else. There is a search for the stroke and the sign as can be seen chronologically with my works. Thinking on a graphic level, even very childish, but what differs is the method and the approach. The conceptual idea, also closely linked to the titles and texts I use.

“My house” by DanCtrl

How did you hear about Tezos?

I heard about Tezos early this year around January February. I didn’t know anything about it before then and I immediately fell in love with it and threw myself into it. Before that, however, I knew the NFT world well since it exploded years ago, let’s say.

What tools do you use to create art?

I basically use simple graphics and drawing programs to create my art. Like illustrator, photoshop, after effects, editing and other small third party programs that do more or less the same things. For the realization of my works in 3d I use blender. But as I said, the best tool is the idea and the graphic-intellectual approach.

“Maria” by DanCtrl

What inspires and influences your artwork?

Everything that I study, observe, absorb influences my work and my method.

Are there any artworks that you have made you’d like to highlight?

Among the works that I would like to be highlights are the most recent ones where I create objects that we all know well or badly but brought to light in the spotlight in this wasteland as a background. Such as a simple lighter, a tree, a gameboy, coffee or wind turbines etc .. in an alienating way. Or my works from the “Nature” collection which are, however, quite another thing.

“Game Boy Advance SP” by Danctrl

Tell us about your “Nature” objkt collection.

The “NATURE” collection is a project in which I showcase elements such as flowers, trees, landscapes …etc in short, natural elements. A study of the signs, forms, language and symbols used; sometimes taken to the extreme, others instead of a surprising simplicity. All the various colors, all the various elements that can give or take away for good or bad. A continuous study of the harmony and disharmony of nature. As I say in the description “This is for me the complexity and simplicity of NATURE.”

“A Tree” by DanCtrl

What projects are you currently working on?

Right now I am continuing to carry on the projects and collections I work on at the moment. I plan to implement 3D even more, and obviously new projects related to more elaborate works that require more time (attention, more time for the conception … not the realization)

I am working on multiple platforms at the same time and multiple projects at the moment like on Foundation, soon I will also land with SOLANA

Aside from art do you have any other hobbies and passions?

As I said, my only passion and reason for living is art. Whether it’s here with the world of nfts or my other side in traditional where I work, so I would say no. Only this, the rest can only serve as a stimulus to create other art 😉

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