What is XTZ NFT Swap?

A brand new Dapp has just been released on the Tezos ecosystem which allows for users to trade their CleanNFTs using smart contracts. Created by whitelights, https://xtznftswap.xyz/ is an open source, secure, and trustless platform for Tezos NFT training.

You can propose trades with other users with Tezos or NFTs from your collection. Trading and collecting go hand in hand so it’s very exciting to see more options to be able to trade with other collectors without worrying about getting scammed. If the tools don’t already exist, you build them yourself!

It should be noted that unlike other NFT trading platforms (like sudoswap) XTZNFTSwap gives “A flat 10% royalty is split evenly amongst all royalty recipients of each NFT within that side of the trade whenever there is XTZ involved.” Trading and behind the scenes deals are a common way that artists can get screwed out of their royalties. Luckily the developer here wants to ensure that he isn’t stepping on any creators toes.

In the info portion of the site they state “If you as an artist or collection owner would like to put your collection on the denylist please reach out on Twitter and I can enforce that on chain for you.” Check out the platform for yourself and maybe even start trading!

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