The #HENreunion event

On September 22nd Hic Et Nunc veteran Rodell Warner came up with the idea for a new Tezos community event. Titled #Henreunion this event is in memory of HEN one of (if not the first) nft marketplace on Tezos. The website was tragically taken down by the creator which led to the popularity of other platforms including Objkt, Teia, and Versum.

Many amazing artist have already minted their work and we wanted to highlight some of our favorites so far!

“untitled” by PrettyBad
holding magic 🤲⭑” by jmh_wwyg
“Ether Channel Remix – HENReunion edition” by Lisa Orth
We Are Here Now (e tem Guaraná)” by sabatobox
“Walls and Breaches” by Todemashi
“HEN Menu Tribute” by JohnWow
Moon’s meditation, 13” by mumu_thestan
“Postcard From Somewhere” by Kato
“Good old days” by LeĂ´nidas Valdez
Retired” by ahyasbudi
dx^4c4” by p1xelfool

There are plenty of other amazing works that we couldn’t feature here. Be sure to check them out by using the #Henreunion

If you are an artist you still have the rest of today (October 2nd) to mint a work for this event. No real rules just make some great art!

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