Ateliê 407 Interview

Who are you?

I’m Carolina, I’m 33 years old, designer and independent artist. I spend most of my life alone, which is good after all, leaves me free to create.

“GeoPix#4” by Ateliê 407

When did you start making art?

I’ve been working with Graphic Design for about 15 years. I always heard that the designer is not an artist, but art was part of my life. I have always expressed myself artistically in different ways, I just didn’t realize that to be an artist, you just have to be.

How did you hear about Tezos?

A colleague introduced me to the HicEtNunc platform in October 2021.

“Experimental #2” by Ateliê 407

Your first HicEtNunc mints were a small series of “experimental” works. How did this mini series come to be?

At first I didn’t have much expectation that things would work out, so I was just experimenting. Maybe I would have given up if I saw that things wouldn’t go ahead, but the acceptance was so good that I decided to move on.

“Papercuts” is a very interesting series. What inspired this series?

It sounds silly, but I bought some papers and started playing. Soon I realized that it would be much more practical to perform these tasks on the computer, so the concept of the collection came up.

“PAPERCUTS#3” by Ateliê 407

What would you call your style?

I think it’s abstract, I use geometric shapes as a base to create my arts, but they are full of feelings and stories behind. I believe that geometry represents my obsession with symmetrical compositions and the stories are about affections that circulate around me and are part of my routine.

“Metamorphoses” by Ateliê 407

You have created some beautiful works on 8bidou as well. Tell us more about that.

As soon as the platform came up I decided to do a few things. I just revisited some series that I had already done, but in 8x8px. I found it interesting to explore what I was already doing in other formats.

“PAPERCUTS” also became a series on FxHash. Tell us a little bit about this collaborative project.

I admire generative art so much, it was a way of seeing my project extend in a way that I couldn’t control. I don’t program, that’s why my projects are always in partnership, I presented the idea to @95_percent_ and he agreed to do this collab with me.

“PAPERCUTS #5” by Ateliê 407 & 95 percent

Why do you create art?

It is out of a desire to make aesthetically beautiful pieces and feel happy. I like to make collections because they represent my ability to broaden my view on the same theme. Art is so subjective that I don’t care about the message, just what it does to people and myself after producing it. I like how the results are so unexpected and how my chaotic mind organizes itself.

What do you have planned for the future?

I think about moving forward in search of new opportunities, without too many fixed plans or definitive choices. I like how the doors open unexpectedly and I embrace everything I like and that makes me feel good.

“Geometrical #33” by Ateliê 407 & Pointiago

Is there any life advice you want to share?

I wish I was good enough to follow my own advice 🙂

Anyone you want to shoutout?

@josegasparian, @mikart_NFT, @pouyabashirii, @MaxDrekker, @StudioCaptain1, @erdyillustrate, @platformmmm, @tompop99, @rickacrane, @chiquitaputri, @BilndArt, @TrofimovaKato, @lewis_osb, @_nan0gram_, @polyforms_, @_zinnea_, @AmaliaVersaci, @95_percent_, @lb00x_, @sasj_nl, @peterthomsen, @nftbromi, @Damian_Kidd, @cajabeats, @crystalspaceshp, @yepstt, @GeometricGirl, @IamtheAstra, @numadessas, @fiedler_jpg, @No0where, @Peter_evans_001, @helenbers_art, @theartfulaaron, @YakiBianco, @edercruz_, @michaelmicasso, @_1mposter, @IrinaKiro, @moepwellington, @nabeelNFT, @NesmeyanaArt, @BoxPalette and many others.

Anything else?

Thanks for the opportunity.

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