Daeinc Interview

Note: It’s recommended you check out the works featured in this article on FxHash as motion is a very important aspect to the art pieces.
“Time Intertwined #112” by Daeinc

Who are you?

I am Daeinc. I am an artist and a designer. I compose motion with code.

When did you first get into creative coding?

In the early 2000s, I tried to teach myself Flash ActionScript but did not get very far. My brain was not ready at that time. Then, in 2008, I was studying at a film school, and there was a weekend Processing workshop. I drew a snowman with code and was very proud of myself. Drawing with code was very fun and I continued to use code as a creative medium.

How did you hear about FxHash?

I saw the generative/new media artists that I’ve been following for many years releasing work on fx(hash). That, to me, was a good enough reason to look into the platform.

Tell us about your Genesis work “Growth One”.

Growth One visualizes a growth simulation of a virtual micro-organism that follows simple rules. The growth algorithm is adapted from diffusion limited aggregation. I like the algorithm for its simplicity and the fact that the final result is the cumulation of growth showing every step of the process.

“Growth One #4” by Daeinc

What is a fun fact about this work that people wouldn’t know?

The growth simulation only takes a few seconds thanks to the power of computation, but I also included a URL parameter “realtime” so that you can watch it grow in real time. It takes about 30 minutes. I initially used it for a debugging purpose, but it was quite relaxing to watch so I included it. I used URL parameters in all my fx(hash) projects for user interaction, but it can be a bit tricky to type these values in if you are not familiar with code.

“Time Intertwined” is an exploration in time and motion. What inspired this idea?

I loved creating films by scratching or painting on them as a student. It’s a way for artists to get closer to their medium and create with less intermediaries. Commercial tools like After Effects are great in many ways, but it’s hard to work and think outside pre-defined concepts and tools. Time Intertwined is a result of experimenting directly and deeply with digital motion through programming. With this project, I explored two intertwined timelines. These two timelines are connected but can also advance independently from each other and still create a seamless loop.

“Time Intertwined #42” by Daeinc

What were some challenges you faced in completing this work?

One big challenge is the immutable nature of fx(hash) tokens. Another is an emotional aspect. I feel great about my work one day and then feel stupid next day.

“Duet” is your latest work and is very hypnotizing. How important was motion with this release?

Exploring motion, time and change is what gets me excited. While studying animation in college, I realized that I can create music with moving images by establishing the visual rhythm over time. The last two fx(hash) projects were also my way of coping with the pandemic, the anxiety and the uncertainties of life by detaching from reality and getting lost in endless generative animation loops.

“Duet #51” by Daeinc

How did you know when duet was done and ready to be minted?

Artmaking to me is a process of discovery. The ideas, the rhythms, the compositions, everything I’m trying to create – it’s all out there somewhere and I just need to look around and find it. Sometimes, it is where I thought it would be, and other times I discover something unexpected but I still like it. When I discover something I like and want to share, I release the work.

Why do you make art?

It feels better than anything else I have tried so far in my life.

What adds value to your art?

I place a meaning in my work. It’s something personal and may not matter to you. I hope you will also place yours and develop a relationship with the work. Then, it will be valuable to you.

“Duet #45” by Daeinc

What projects do you have planned for the future?

I have hundreds of fragmented notes and ideas that need to be explored and connected. There are a few that I’m exploring right now although I don’t have a clear picture of what it will become. I just hope to enjoy the process of discoveries along the way.

Is there anyone you’d like to shoutout?

I love the work of @TOMB_CRUMPLE, the way time is structured in their pieces. @playrecordmint is doing something very interesting with real time minting. I really like motion experiments from @nbswwit, and the very hypnotic work of @DnlsmmS.

Anything else?

I want to say thank you to all those who have supported my art practice through collecting and sharing. The digital art you collect is making a real difference in someone’s life.

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