HellDreamer Interview

“Kill Me Twice” by Glitch Town Arcade

Who are you?

I am Hell D., also known as glitch town. I’m an Italian visual artist and photographer based in Edinburgh, UK.

When did you start making art?

I started when I was a kid, I’ve always loved drawing and creating new characters and stories. Then as I grew up I got into graphic design and photography.

What got you interested in glitch art?

What got me so interested is the strong retro aesthetic and the deep feeling of nostalgia that this art is evoking. Every time I’m glitching something I feel like I’m dragged into a weird dream from my adolescence.

“Passengers #6 About time” by HellDreamer

Do you have any favorite glitch effects?

I don’t have any favorite settings, on the contrary, I love to experiment as much as I can.

“Glitch Town Arcade” features corrupted roms turned art. What is the process for making one of these works?

The glitch town Arcade pieces are created by mixing different techniques. First I modify the texts with HEX editor then corrupt the game with RTC and finally record everything and cut/edit into photoshop and Premiere pro, in order to create the clip.

“HellZilla” by GlitchTownArcade

Why do you make art?

I generally don’t ask myself why I’m doing what I’m doing, I just enjoy creating stuff that weren’t there before. I guess is just the need to express myself but also a way to get lost into my own world and escape from reality.

Do you have any favorite works under your account or the Glitch Town Arcade account?

One of my favorites is “Happy Ending” a 1/1 piece from the X mansion series. By corrupting the game in a certain way I managed to make it look like the two characters are having sex while in the original frame they were dancing.

“HAPPY~ENDING” by GlitchTownArcade

What do you have planned going forward?

I have a lot of plans for the future, I have just dropped a new Ai collection which I am planning to expand in the next few weeks. I’m also getting into 3D and professional video editing. And finally, I am planning a physical show/ experience with my glitch Town Arcade works.

What are your favorite video games?

My favorite video games of all time are The Warriors, Iss Pro Evolution 2 and Tekken 3! I know I’m a basic millennial from the 90′.

“Gold 𝚁̷𝚞̷𝚜̷𝚑̷” by GlitchTownArcade

Is there anyone you want to shoutout?

I want to thank everyone that collects, supports or simply likes my art! A special mention goes to @DehiscenceArt who was the first person in the nft space to believe in me and collect my stuff (she still does) And @JustUsMining for the incredible support he gives since the very start, collecting at least twice every piece I drop.

“#13 Already gone” by Hell D

Anything else?

Check out my new Instagram page @glitchtownarcade

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