OBJKT adds support for Versum

OBJKT twitter announcement

On October 10th OBJKT officially announced the ability to trade Versum NFTs on the OBJKT platform. Additionally, all existing Versum artworks have been integrated into the objkt UI. This means your Versum listings now show up and are purchasable directly from the OBJKT website. You won’t need to reswap because everything has been automatically intigrated.

This is great news for all artists and collectors on Tezos. It allows more visibility to the artists whose works were minted on Versum. Originally Versum works were strictly bought and sold on Versum. This merge makes the community grow stronger as a whole and we are very excited to see what comes of it.

Versum stats that now show on OBJKT

You can check out the current the Versum OBJKT collection here.

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