Isolationist Interview

Who are you?

It cannot be answered accurately with words.

When did you start making art?

Since 5 years old. I can’t stop drawing.

“The Secret of Painting” by Isolationist

Why do you make art?

There is really no reason to do art except that one cannot help it.

When did you first hear about Tezos?

Maybe in April 2021

Tell us a little about some of your earliest mints.

They are my attempts to create like a child. After years of convoluted art making in the contemporary art world – it’s good to return to childishness. Those early mints were spontaneous and without much technique within confines of faceless portraits.

“The Missing Boy” by Isolationist

What does your creative process look like

It comes from no mind.

What inspires you?

Too many things, events and people. But what interest me the most is a distillation to the essence of things.

Tell us more about your OBJKT collection titled “The Mirror”

It’s about reflection. I try not to over explain my work because I had already explained it in the title of the work.

We see ourselves in art, we also see beyond.

“A Violent Silence” by Isolationist

Why did you choose to primarily create 1/1s?

I have a lot more editions pieces later. Perhaps not as much as other artists. When I first started, 1/1 makes sense because of the intimacy and solitude of the Isolationist.

What’s the story behind your collection “Solitude, Solitude.”

That collection basically consist of only 1/1 hence solitude , solitude. When the word solitude is repeated twice it becomes a poem.

“Invisible” by Isolationist

Are there any pieces you’ve created that you are most proud of or means something especially special to you.

They are all special to me. But the most special one is always the next one.

What are your plans going forward?

The greatest trick to is lose all trickery.

“Nostalghia” by The Isolation Chamber

Is there anyone you’d like to shoutout?

I am grateful to everyone who have collected my art. Especially those who are holding a collection of it – they are my patrons. In my eyes they are visionaries.

Anything else?

When illusion is seen through, there is really nothing and no one.

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