“Terrain” – Generative Audiovisual artwork that supports our environment

Terrain in motion.

The latest generative audiovisual work from artist Agoston Nagy is “Terrain” which is “an audiovisual experiment halfway between a self-modifying game board and an audiovisual interface.” The artworks utilize L-systems and unique metadata to to create very peaceful and forever changing ambient noises and visuals that are serene and remind us of planet Earth. If you wish to hear the work you can see the tweet embedded at the bottom of this article or check out variations on the FxHash page.

The goal of the end visual result is “an area of regular shapes and forms, filled with vivid and contrasting colors that resembles navigational charts, philosophical games and digital cartography.” as according to the artist.

Half of all primary sales of this artwork supports many environmental charities. These charities include: Clean Water Fund, Ocean Alliance Inc, Amazon Conservation Association, Wild Tomorrow Fund, and many more.

This project is part of RefractionDAO’s Creative Grants Season 02. RefractionDAO has a focus in creating web3 projects, festivals, and events that are based around visual and audio content. They have worked with many amazing artists in the space including Anna Lucia, Ncolas Sassoon, p1xelfool, Rick Silva, and more! You can check out their website here to learn more about their past and future projects.

As described by Nagy “Terrain is a collection of generative artworks that helps adaptation to climate change. Using automated donations to different rewilding and reforestation organizations, each iteration of the piece initiates climate positive interventions in natural, biological environments. The supported organizations are selected via completely transparent, community based voting sessions.” This project supports many really great causes that we at GatherArt respect and support. It’s amazing to see NFTs and digital artworks helping make our world a better place.

The outputs for this project have a great variety and it we can’t wait to see all of the different variations that get generated into existence. You can mint the project on FxHash here when it becomes available for minting later today (February 6th). There is even more information about the technical and creative aspects of the project on the FxHash page. Definitely check it out!

Variations of the project.

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