The #TezQuakeAid event

On February 6th both Turkey and Syria fell victim to vicious earthquakes causing a very sad amount of destruction. The Tezos community has decided to come together to create some amazing art to raise money and to support those whose lives were greatly affected. This event showcases the power of the Tezos community and it makes us even more glad that we are a part of it.

As stated on the official TezQuakeAid website “Our goal is to raise funds and make a donation to Non Governmental Organisations (NGO’s) that work on the ground in rescue operations and further relief and support for survivors.”

So far there has been over 64,000 Tezos sent to the donation contract which is absolutely incredible! If you wish to donate you can send your Tezos to this address: KT1X1jyohFrZyDYWvCPXw9KvWxk2VDwxyg2g

NFTBiker has setup an event page on his website for this charitable event where you can see all the artworks where proceeds go towards

Here are just some of our favorite mints from the event so far.

“Earth and I” by ZanCan
“#TezQuakeAid” by Burka Bayram
“HoloHeart” by Gogolitus
“Time” by Kato
“Wound mending” by Todemashi
“anger” by moe p. wellington
“The strength to endure” by Rafael Spif
“Soulcry” by Stalomir
“#TezQuakeAid” by Idil
“The Ruins” by MEKAZOO
“INTRO” by Maria Pleshkova
“Empathy” by Yuma Sogo
“Quake Aid Dog” by dananthonykelly
“Somber” by Indi Sulta

Be sure to check out the official TezQuakeAid website for more information! Remember you can either donate directly to the donation wallet or collect any of the artworks featured on the event page!

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