About Us

Our Mission

The Gather Foundation has many goals and aspirations wishing to assist collectors, artists, and art appreciators old and new. Providing news articles and information about artists and the Hicetnunc community, Gather hopes to provide information for those who don’t know where to start or for those who are looking to gather more information. Additionally we hope to showcase what brings value to CleanNFTs and the art that gets created. This will make it easier for collectors who are just starting and for those who are more experienced in the space through analytics and our own custom algorithm.

Our History

The idea formed for Gather back in June 2021 by TheArtistJohn to create a minimalistic site to learn about the artists he was collecting. There are no real simple and structured places to really learn more about many artists on Hic Et Nunc. Gather was formed.

About The Founder

The Artist John is a 22 year old artist, designer, and creator from Boston MA. He is pretty cool.