Ykkoe Interview

Pava0ne Interview

Who are you? I’m PavaOne, also known as Emanuele Pavarotti, an Italian painter and digital artist living in Berkeley California. In the past I worked as a feature film character animator at Blue Sky Studios and as a visual development artist at Netflix animation. When did you start making art? I always liked to draw, … Continue reading Pava0ne Interview

Gary Edward Blum Interview

Who are you? Gary Edward Blum. When did you start making art? Always drew as a kid. My moms side of the family were all very creative. But officially started making “Art” in high school. What would you call your style? I wouldn’t call it anything. Depends on if you’re asking about painting or photography, … Continue reading Gary Edward Blum Interview

The #HENreunion event

On September 22nd Hic Et Nunc veteran Rodell Warner came up with the idea for a new Tezos community event. Titled #Henreunion this event is in memory of HEN one of (if not the first) nft marketplace on Tezos. The website was tragically taken down by the creator which led to the popularity of other … Continue reading The #HENreunion event


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