Agoston Nagy Interview

Who are you? As an artist, I have been making algorithmic art, building responsive environments using free and open source tools since the early 2000s. I gave international workshops across the EU, Asia and the US in the fields of interaction design, computational thinking, sonification and creative coding practice. Through my work I mainly focus … Continue reading Agoston Nagy Interview

3DManatee Interview

Who are you? I’m a lifelong artist currently working in generative art, UX & graphic design. I grew up around a lot of artists – my great-grandfather was an oil painter, my mother does oils, murals & silk painting, my father is a welder & builds cars and my brother works in pen and ink. … Continue reading 3DManatee Interview

FxHash at Art Basel Basel 2022

The latest Art Basel event is currently underway in Basel, Switzerland and is showcasing artists and artworks from all over the globe. Once again many creatives from the Tezos ecosystem were invited to showcase their work at the event. Just as in Art Basel Hong Kong (The previous Art Basel event) there is a special … Continue reading FxHash at Art Basel Basel 2022

Burka Bayram Interview

[EPILEPSY WARNING FLASHING LIGHTS AND IMAGES FEATURED] Who are you? I’m a graphic designer and visual artist from Istanbul, Turkey. I’m married to photographer Lina Irem Arditty (@arditty). I spent 12 years in graphic design, working on the dark side, mostly in “creative” agencies then I started to work freelance. And finally I’ve been a … Continue reading Burka Bayram Interview


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