DEEP FAKE – MAIF x Superchief AI Art Exhibition In LA

What is real? What is artificial? We live in a world of socially constructed symbols and meaning. Yet, it’s AI-assisted techniques that are labeled as fake or artificial. On March 3rd “DEEP FAKE” will premier at the SuperchiefNFT gallery in Los Angeles. This event is the latest art exhibition by The MAIF collective. There will…

Rhaegar Interview

Who are you? I’m Rıdvan Şimşek a.k.a Rhaegar who is a senior front-end developer, and generative artist. I’m 27 years old and living in Turkey/Sivas which is a small city in the middle of the country. Creating programs with code for desktop or mobile has been one of my favorite habits for 10 years of…

Omar Lobato Interview

Who are you? I’m Omar, a 25 years old music producer and generative artist from Minas Gerais, Brazil. When did you start making art? My relationship with art comes from my childhood, where I painted pictures with materials won by an old lady, our neighbor Elza, who was a talented artist. She taught me many…

The #objktunlocked event

Leading Tezos marketplace OBJKT have recently implemented open editions on their platform. More information soon.


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