NFT is short for “non-fungible token.” Fungible simply means that two instances of something are equivalent. For instance, Bitcoin is a fungible token. My bitcoin is the same as your bitcoin; they are worth the same and if my bitcoin ended up in your wallet and your bitcoin ended up in mine, nobody would notice! A non-fungible token is simply one where tokens are not the same.


“To invent; to forge; to fabricate; to fashion.” When you mint something in the NFT universe, you are creating a new token. In doing so, your work is put into the blockchain and locked into the public ledger.


Swapping is fundamentally the same as trading. In the NFT world, it might not necessarily be between what you would commonly consider a purchaser and buyer. For instance, when an NFT is minted on a marketplace, it will be swapped to the creator.


An OBJKT is a type of NFT in use by hic et nunc running on the Tezos blockchain.


A genesis piece is an artist’s first piece. In the same sense, you might see it used in the term “genesis block” which refers to the first block on a blockchain.


Since the blockchain is decentralized, anybody can mint whatever they want. A copyminter is someone who creates copymints, and a copymint is essentially a type of scam. These works are not minted by their original creators, and as such can be considered “stolen” or a forgery. If you fall for a copyminting scam, whatever you spent on it is gone, so it’s important to be cautious.


“To buy an asset (usually a house), improve it and sell it quickly for profit. The same applies for an NFT. When someone flips an NFT, they buy it and immediately relist it for a higher price in hopes someone will quickly buy the same NFT at their price, thus making a profit.


Dropping is closely linked to minting and swapping but they aren’t quite the same. When an NFT is dropped, usually the piece is of high profile or from a more popular creator. A drop is planned for a certain time or event, often drawing the attention of many who want to get the piece as soon as it drops.